About Us

Led by Love. Pursued by Joy. Inspired by Hope. 

        Judith & James is dedicated to hopeful, inspired and consciously cosmopolitan women. Anna Taylor founded Judith & James with the vision to use her creative abilities and experience in the fashion industry to eradicate poverty among women in Nairobi, Kenya. Anna first moved to Kenya with her family in 2007 and has now spent several years in the country. In 2010, a local Kenyan leader introduced Anna to an unemployed seamstress, Judith. Anna hired Judith to sew custom pieces for friends and family in the United States. 
            While completing her degree in Apparel Studies in 2013, Anna shifted her focus to launching Judith & James on a national scale. Anna debuted her Spring/Summer 2014 Collection in New York Fashion Week at the Helen Mills Event Space in September 2014. Her designs caught the attention of Top Chef hostess, Padma Lakshmi. Padma wore a Judith & James skirt and dress on Top Chef Season 11. Anna returned to New York Fashion Week to show her next collection, Fall/Winter 2014 in February 2014. She showed her Spring/Summer 2015 collection in Fashion Week Middle East in Dubai and Los Angeles Fashion Week. Anna launched her Spring/Summer 2015 jewelry designs in Dillard's department stores in March 2015. In 2017, Anna was featured worldwide in a documentary called Little Stones made by Emmy Award Winning filmmaker Sophia Kruz. Forbes featured Anna's work in 2017 as well. Anna opened the first flagship store in Nairobi for Judith & James in Village Market Mall in 2021. Anna plans to expand the Judith & James model to other countries around the world.
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